The Danish Physical Society condemns the ongoing invasion of Ukraine

The Danish Physical Society condemns the ongoing invasion of Ukraine, a free, peaceful, and democratic country by forces directed by the Russian government with the support of the government of Belarus. We are deeply saddened to see the incredible advances made possible by, among others, physicists misused in such a profoundly misguided and illegal attack against a peaceful people.

Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to the people of Ukraine. We stand in solidarity with our sister organization, the Ukrainian Physical Society. We also express our admiration for our colleagues and friends in Russia who, despite the danger imposed by the Russian government, have spoken out against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

The actions of the Russian and Belarusian governments are incompatible with the ideals of openness and cooperation, ideals at the very foundation of physics research and of a prosperous world. We call on Danish researchers and research institutions to discontinue all cooperation with state supported research institutions in Russia and Belarus until the invading forces of these countries no longer occupy Ukraine. We encourage our colleagues to refrain from participating in conferences and meetings in these countries. 

While we are profoundly saddened and shocked by the actions of the Russian government, we are hopeful that this tragic war will come to a rapid conclusion and that Ukraine will again be free of foreign occupation.