Årsmøde 2010

Danish Physical Society Annual Meeting

22-23 June 2010 at Hotel Nyborg Strand

Meeting info

General Outline

Danish Physical Society consists of plenary lectures and parallel sessions on astrophysics (arranged by IDA), atomic physics, condensed matter physics, high energy physics, geophysics and physics education as well as climate and physics. During the meeting posters and new products will be on display. Finally the general assembly of the Danish Physical Society takes place during the meeting (on Wednesday, 23 June).

The meeting is a good opportunity for people working in physics and related fields to present their work, meet old and new collegues and engage in both formal and informal discussions about all aspects of physics in Denmark (and elsewhere of course;-)

Especially students and young researchers are encouraged to attend and present their work.

Time and Place

The DFS meeting starts on Tuesday, 22 June 11:00 and ends on Wednesday, 23 June 15:00.
Both the annual meeting of the Danish Physical Society and Women in Physics are held at Hotel Nyborg Strand


  • Deadline for registration and hotel reservation: 20 May
  • Deadline for submission of abstract: 20 May
  • Deadline for application of studenterfriplads: 20 May


At Hotel Nyborg Strand (Også ansøgning om studenterfripladser).

NB For all “friplads”-applicants:
There is a problem with the on-line submission programme at Hotel Nyborg Strand. If you are applying for a “friplads”: Do the following:

  • Use the on-line registration of Hotel Nyborg Strand
  • Go to the registration at the hotel
  • Select category 05 (for DFS or IDA)
  • At “ordreansvarlig” – write your supervisor
  • Select “EAN”
  • Accept the invoice on 2100,- DKK
  • Submit your EAN No:
    (Århus (IFA) . 5798000419872, DTU Nanotech 5798000430334,
    DTU Fotonik 5798000430341, DTU Fysik 5798000431010,
    Risø DTU 5798000416611, NBI and KU 5798000422490)

No invoice will be sent, since DFS is paying the “friplads”. If you already have paid the invoice, please contact DFS. DFS regrets that this complicated registration procedure for a “friplads” is necessary, but hotel cannot change its payment security with a short notice.


The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO): the search for the elusive wave.
Nergis Mavalvala, MIT, Cambridge, USA

Gas dynamics, galaxy assembly, and star formation in the early Universe
Linda Tacconi, Max-Planck-Institut für Extraterrestrische Physik, Garching.

The Nuclear Environment for Spin Qubits
Charles Marcus, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA

Climate modelling and climate change negotiations (after dinner) (in English)
Katrine Krogh Andersen, Souschef for Danmarks Klimacenter, DMI. Deltog i COOP 15 conferencen i København som teamleder i klimaministeriet.

New Session (Danish Physicists outside Denmark)
Atoms, Ancient textiles and a friendly Billionaire
Bodil Holst, Head of Nanophysics Group, Department of Physics and Technology, University of Bergen, Norway

Elements of a scalable architecture for ion trap based quantum computation
Peter Herskind, MIT, Cambridge, USA

Probing foreground galaxies with background quasars
Lise Christensen, Excellence Cluster Cosmology,Technische Universität München

Special astronomy session

Submillimeter astronomy in Denmark in the ALMA era
This year features a special session, organized by Thomas R. Greve and Jes K. Jørgensen.
When submitting Astrophysics abstracts for this session, please copy Thomas R. Greve (tgreve@dark-cosmology.dk) and Jes K. Jørgensen (jes@snm.ku.dk).

Abstract Submission

You can submit your abstract here. The submitted abstracts are available on the web. If you have submitted an abstract please check if your abstract is listed. If not or if you have corrections/additions please mail the webmaster.


See the programme here.

NB:All speakers must pay attention to the broad audience which includes colleagues and students without knowledge or experience in your field. You should there make an effort to emphasize general problems and the state-of-art of the field, in particular in the introductional part of your talk..

Generalforsamling i DFS

Der indkaldes til Generalforsamling i Dansk Fysisk Selskab den 23. juni 2010, kl. 12:00 – 13:00 på Hotel Nyborg Strand med følgende dagsorden:

  1. Formandens beretning
  2. Godkendelse af regnskab
  3. Forslag fra medlemmer
  4. Valg af revisor (hvert andet år)
  5. Eventuelt


Posterboards are 1,15 m wide and 1,45 m tall (lower edge is approx. 30-40 cm above the floor). See also Kvant (in Danish).